Secret Sunshine (2010)

5:27 mins - Short/Live Action

SYNOPSIS:This 1970's cop drama follows Secret Agent Sunshine as she goes undercover to expose New York City's most notorious organized crime syndicates. But much to the dismay of her boss, she just can't resist blowing her cover and kicking some criminal butt.

ANDY'S NOTES:This short film was made as part of the "Wanna Be A Star?" competition at the Iron Mule Comedy Film Series. (Also see Ribeye.) Audience member Paula McDonald was chosen through a raffle to star in her own comedy short. After Paula was picked, the audience was given the task of shouting out possible titles. The moderators chose "Secret Sunshine". My task was to write, shoot, and edit the film before next month's film screening.

Paula, with no previous acting experience, jumped in with both feet and turned out a hilarious, butt-kicking performance! I enlisted the help of my hilarious friend (actor and writer) David Sajadi to co-star as Detective Sunshine's cantakerous, mustashioed boss. Two other talented actors and close friends, Reuben and Tod played Sunshine's punching bags (no one was hurt much during the shooting of this film). We shot in all around Manhattan and Brooklyn over 3 days. Then I edited it together 70's style adding my own music and vocal to the end for the original "Secret Sunshine" theme song!

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