Cris-Seas Averted starring Rosco & Roy(2011)

1:50 mins - Short/Animation

SYNOPSIS:Masters of self-preservation, there is no crisis these Washington legislators can't handle - even on the high seas.

ANDY'S NOTES:This animation was the center piece for the launching of my political humor blog (now on permanent hiatus).

Previous to this, I had only created motion graphics using Final Cut Pro. So, I learned the animation program After Effects from a video tutorial. Then, I jumped right in, first creating all the graphics Illustrator, then importing them in to After Effects. It was a lot of work for just 2 minutes of simple animation, but I loved the process! My friend Steve Lavner (also the composer for A Joke) composed and recorded the score which was vital to the humor and timing. I hope to revive Rosco and Roy someday and create more animated shorts for them to star in!

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