AT&T Commercial Contest (2010)

38 Sec - Commercial/Live Action

SYNOPSIS:MoFilm hosts contest and this was our entry into the AT&T Commericial competition to showcase their superfast data network. We placed in the top 20!

ANDY'S NOTES:This video was produced for the MOFILM advertising contest. AT&T guidelines required that contestants produce a commercial featuring their fast data plan and how it makes the difference between a "bad decision and a good one."

The video, shot on RED, was conceived and produced in less than five days with collegues John Hudak and Shahriar Rahman. The bear is John using a gorilla suit and the T-Rex foot is borrowed from existing movie footage. We hiked a ways into Forest Park in Queens to shoot it. Boy, that RED camera is heavy!! MOFILM executives loved our entry, but we were beat out by someone who had real bear in their ad. :(

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