Ribeye (2011)

5:22 mins - Short/Live Action

SYNOPSIS:Congressman Jack Johnson holds a press conference to address his possible entry into the presidential race as well as the Twitter photo scandal that threatens to derail his political career.

ANDY'S NOTES:This short film was made as part of the "Wanna Be A Star?" competition at the Iron Mule Comedy Film Series. Audience member Jeff Berman won the chance to star in his own comedy short and "Ribeye" was assigned as the film's title. Jeff gives a hilarious performance as a charismatic, eccentric politician.

This was my 2nd short for "Wanna Be a Star". The inspiration for this came pretty easliy. The Anthony Weiner scandle happen a few weeks back and the Republican Presidential hopefuls were just beginning to emerge. Jeff and I shot this in the livingroom of my Brooklyn apartment. I found a free "news report intro" video clip online and talked my wife into recording the openning voice over.

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